Explore the Chullpas and Tombs of Sillustani

Sillustani Tombs were of pre-Inca origin called Tiahuanaco Culture, this culture was the mother who gave birth to the Incan culture, the descendants of this culture were the founders of Inca Culture, Manco Capac the first Inca accompanied by his wife Mama Ocllo, looking for good soil they arrive in Cusco and they founded the capital of the Inca Empire.


  • Day1 - Puno - Sillustani - Puno Half day

    Sillustani and Humayo Lake excursion begins with pick up from your Hotel at 9:00 am or 2:00 pm leave Puno behind and travel to Sillustani, a famous burial ground just off the road that leads to Juliaca; located approximately 18 miles (30 km) from Puno on the shores of Lake Umayo, follow in the steps of the ancient Colla people who roamed Lake Titicaca for centuries before the arrival of the Inca Empire. Although Sillustani’s history and culture are impressive, it is what the indigenous people left behind that stand out the most. Roam the ancient burial ground and marvel at the remaining chullpas, complex funerary towers built to honor a noble person in the Aymara culture. The high towers surrounding Lake Umayo boasts impressive architecture believed to be even more complex than that of the Incas. Despite their differences, the similarities between these two cultures are noticeable, as the ancient Aymara served as an essential building block for today’s Inca culture. After exploring these impressive burial grounds, enjoy a scenic drive back to your Puno hotel.

    • Meals Included: None

Whats included

  • Excursions

    Private Tour to Sillustani

    Viewpoint to Humayo Lake

  • Transportation and Others

    Private minivan during this tour

    Entry Ticket to Sillustani

    Local top quality English-speaking guides to accompany visits and excursions

    24-hour support by our local staff

Not included

  • Insurance and Others

    No cover Travel Insurance during this tour

    Personal items, snacks, drinks, limited souvenirs, laundry, tips, and any extras

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