Colours of Peru by Go Get Peru

Clours of Peru History

1st. Project Cabañas Huchuy Qosqo

This project was founded in 2014, with the mission to give support to the Andean local families in the Andes of Peru. We start this project in the rural Quechua community of Huchuy Qosqo with a very humble family, we work together with Irene Sallo, the head of the family, a very enterprising woman.
I am Juan Carlos Auccapuma, my profession is Tour Guide, in one of my excursions I arrived to Irene´s humble house, she received me very kindly with an immense smile in the company of her husband. I shared a dinner with this beautiful humble family, I also spent the night here.

After dinner we had a very pleasant conversation, so Irene explains to me that she has some travelers who come to her house to spend the night, but she doesn’t have much knowledge of how to provide services to tourists.

This is how the idea of building rustic houses was born. Hosting tourists in their house, they could improve their economic condition and be able to educate their 4 children. We agreed to start with this project.

Then we start with the design of the houses, with a rustic style. We begin the construction using all materials from this area, with adobe walls, we use wood from the area, the roof we have covered and tied strongly with Andean straw, in the style of their ancestors.

This is how the name of the project Colours of Peru was born because it involves everything, local living, textiles, customs, living culture, etc.

Irene Sallo & his son
Irene Sallo the owner of the Cabañas

cabanas huchuy qosqo
Just after finishing our first rustic house

Our First German Group, supporting the project.

The activities in this community are multiple, The family still keep the traditional agriculture of their ancestors, they farm organic potatoes, barley, wheat, broad beans, corn, etc. They have some animals farming like guinea pigs, sheeps, llamas, cows, and 4 horses to transport the crops after the harvest.
Every Sunday the family goes down to the village of Lamay taking their crops to sell and then buy all the provisions for the whole week like oil, sugar, rice, noodles, fruits, etc.
in Lamay town every Sunday there is a fair, where all the merchants gather to sell their products.

This project is growing now, they have more customers arriving frequently, also there are some travel agencies offering to their customer’s itineraries with a homestay in Huchuy Qosqo, then continue to Machu Picchu.

Our 2nd Project – Cabañas Lago Piuray in Chinchero – Cuper Community

After finishing the designs in Huchuy Qosqo and having success, we decided continue with our second non profit project in Cupar Community, near to stunning lagoon call Piuray, that’s the way that we put the name of the cabañas Piuray.

Colours of Peru, will never stop giving support to local families on the andes of Peru.


Our 3rd Project – Casa de Felicitas in T´umi Community

Felicitas and her children

In 2018 I made a trip to 4 Lagoons located in the Pomacanchi district, with Nora Teichert from Germany, a girl who loves to support local communities.

This place is considered one of the sectors in extreme poverty, it is, for this reason, we went Nora and my self in search of a local community were to develop the third project.

So, by chance we arrived at a community called Tumi, on the way we met a farmer, we asked where we could locate the community leader, he told us that he is the dealer, so we started the conversation to propose the project, They were very interested and happy.

After 6 months we started the construction of the rustic houses, with the same characteristics as the previous ones, we finally finished building in the month of August 2019.

This project is well located, especially for people who love nature and adventure. Perfect place to spend the night with this family.
From here you can visit The Rainbow Mountain, Palcoyo Mountain, Qéswachaca (Inca Bridge) or Waqrapukara.

Help us to support this project with the high Andean communities of Peru, a part that you pay for your tour with Go Get Peru is destined to support these families with the projects we do, in this way their children will have better education and health conditions.
If you really want to make any economic donations you will be welcome, in this way you will be supporting us to continue building more houses in different Andean communities