Andean Cosmovision

The Andean Cosmovision teaches us how to live in harmony and communion in our time and space with all that exists on the mother earth (Pachamama).

The mother cosmic is my home, I am part of her.
I am the son of the mother earth.
The wind is my breath.
The fire is my spirit.
The earth is my body.
The water is my blood.

I’m Juan Carlos Auccapuma Ccorahua, I live in the sacred valley, a small town called Calca, I come from the lineage of the Inca nobility.

I respect mother earth, because I live in her, she is my home and everything that exists on her is part of my existence.

In the Andes, the Andean cosmovision has taught us to be more responsible with the earth and the idea of God.
In our Andean world, we are not Shamans, we call ourselves Misayoqkuna or Paqokuna, which means men who have dominion and know, the interrelation between the earth and man and man with his god.
I mean the physical body and the earth, the energetic body, and the energy that is conceived as God.
The Andean cosmovision teaches us to develop as humans in the environment that we inhabit in a divergent and convergent way, by this way to understand our own universe. All this knowledge is embodied in Andean codes and symbols.
Thanks to the training I’m receiving from my ancestors I was able to decipher them.

Now it is my turn to share this ancestral Andean knowledge to everyone, in the same way I call to everyone unification in awareness.
Now it is not about saving the earth, it is about saving to ourselfs as humanity, in recent years humanity is acting like little parasites of mother earth submerged in a system of consumerism and self-centeredness, living superficially forgetting the purpose of its existence in this time and space, seeking to find their happiness outside generating an immense emptiness within themselves, all this is generated because they forgot that happiness is within each one of us.
We are on the way to collective suicide, is time to wake up in consciousness.
Why are there many diseases of all kinds now? Because we have forgotten ourselves, we live under programs that made us believed, and that we have inherited from generation to generation, we act from our subconscious.
It is very necessary to enter in communion with the mother earth, how can a person enter into communion or integration with mother earth? At least once a month walking barefoot on the earth, that is the first step of integrating yourself to mother earth.
in this process mother earth, it recognizes you as an existent being.

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