Connection with mother earth and Apus or guardians of the earth through rituals

Journey of energy cleansing and healing through rituals and offerings to Mother Earth, the Andean priests of the Q'eros community known as the last descendants of the Incas, called Paqos or Missayoq, who maintain a close relationship with nature and the cosmos, preserved this Andean wisdom for centuries, being transmitted from generation to generation from father to son and from mother to daughter, despite the persecutions they had by the holy inquisition, this ancestral knowledge could survive. During this trip we will learn to decipher the symbolic interpretation of each element used in sacred rituals, we will learn how to integrate with Mother Earth, we will learn the use the energy of the cosmos for our energetic healings. Our purpose is to offer an experience of communion with mother earth and the Apus, led by wise Andean Quechua priests.


  • Day1 - Arrival to Cusco at any time


    Upon arrival to Cusco, assistance at the airport and transfer to your hotel. The rest of the afternoon have a rest and acclimatize on this high elevation, Cusco is over 3400 meters.

    • Meals Included: None
    • Overnight: In cusco City
  • Day2 - Sacsayhuaman energetic center – Qénqo The sacred altar – Tambomachay temple of water – Temple of the Snake

    Pick up from your hotel at 09:00am; 20 minutes driving up to the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco we will reach this impressive citadel, Sacsayhuaman boasts impressive Incan design and artwork with massive stones over 9 meters (30 feet) tall and weighing up to 125 tons, then we will follow the road to Qénqo the old temple of the Puma which represents KAY PACHA. Inside you can see the holy altar made of a huge stone, at Tambomachay temple of the water or YAKUMAMA, we will integrate the sacred energy of the water in the sacred water fountains. Then finally we will visit the temple of the Snake which represent UHU PACHA, here we will have the direct connection the mother Earth - back to Cusco

    • Meals Included: Breakfast
    • Overnight: In Cuaco City

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