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Hiking to Sacsayhuaman & Planetarium Cusco

Half Day

Cusco -

49 USD

Trip Code: HSPHD

Be impressed by the view towards the city of Cusco

Cusco Day Tours: This Hike is highly recommended to travelers who are doing any kind of trekking to Machu Picchu, considered as one of best training hike. PlanetariumCusco is a very good option to better understand the Inca astronomy, how they determined the movements of the stars to predict weather patterns, Choose one of our Cusco Day Tours and share your experience of Cusco Walking Tour.
Hiking to Sacsayhuaman is have different perspective and different angle of the city

Cusco Walking Tour Trip Itinerary:

In the afternoon at 2 pm pick up from your hotel and start the walking to Sacsayhuaman.
This Cusco waking tour begins from your hotel. Traveling by foot, you’ll go down the narrow stairs of Hatun Rumiyoc Street where the Palace of Inca Roca. On its walls, you’ll discover the figures of a puma and a snake, continue by the Plaza de Armas we will head to San Cristobal to have a very nice view of Cusco city, then after 20 more minutes we will reach Sacsayhuaman the impressive Incan design and artwork with massive stones over 9 meters (30 feet) tall and weighing up to 125 tons. After the guided tour we will continue to Planetarium wich is 10 minutes walking distance from Sacsayhuaman.
This is a cultural interpretation center of Incan astronomy (a star museum), a Planetarium of southern skies and an amateur observatory, surrounded by an incredible natural environment. All merged into one experience. At the end the tour will finish at around the Plaza Regocijos.


  • Pickup from your hotel
  • Private Qualified English-speaking guide
  • Small Group Tour



  • Entrance Ticket to Sacsayhauman Inca site (cost 70 soles)



  • To buy the entry tickets, bring cash in Soles
  • Bring warm jacket and raincoat
  • Bring hat, sunblock


Cusco Day Tours, Perú
Half Day

Small Group Tour

per adult

Sold Out

Exceed Persons

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